I feel honoured and privileged to be trusted to lead and guide people’s most important ceremonies. These intimate life experiences are a unique reflection of their personalities and their philosophy in life. They are the critical moments that will remain special in people’s hearts.”

As your wedding celebrant, I bring to the table my compassion, insight and experience, but I do that in a way that is totally comfortable for you.

As a celebrant with 8 years’ experience, my aim is to be a confident leader – one who is unobtrusive to your ceremony and set the tone for you whole day.

I aim to relieve you of the stress on this important occasion, so that you can relax a little more and be fully present in the moment. Together we work on incorporating your personal preferences, special words and sentiments, selected poetry and, importantly, bring this together with the required legal wording.

In addition, I guide you through the necessary paperwork, rehearsals and planning for your special day. I also help you relax and speak with confidence (as a trained Toastmaster) so that your vows and speeches are in sync.  My sound system uses a discreet lapel microphone for the groom, doing away with the intrusion and awkwardness of a hand-held microphone.

Everything is coordinated by me in a seamless way, including your selected music, (see note 1) on-the-spot video footage and designated microphone and stand for guest readers.

Another of my additional services is the training to provide couples with confidential & personal astrology readings(see note 2).  Throughout the centuries, millions of people from a variety of cultures would never consider planning a special occasion without consulting an astrologer.

A combined astrology reading can provide valuable insight into the predicted life cycles we all encounter at certain ages.  Mapping these passages of life can assist in supporting and nurturing your relationship, particularly during tough times. Understanding the very real planetary cycles that impact our lives is useful in supporting each other in challenging times. Knowing that this too will pass.  These readings can be done face to face or by Skype at a time suitable for all parties.

I would love to work with you in creating your wedding ceremony the way you want it to be, perfect. Please give me a call on 0409 605 414 and we can discuss your personal needs and requirements.

Note 1 – Music downloaded via Spotify or provided as a MP3 format minimum 2 week prior ceremony.

Note 2 – Addition charges apply. A combined reading is with the approval of both parties in the relationship. Confidential individual sessions are also available.